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The modern sport of karate is a dynamic combative sport that combines the techniques of kicking, punching and sweeping with the physical attributes of speed, power and agility. Two distinct modalities, kata (forms) and kumite (sparring), are included in Olympic Karate. Check out the video below for an easy to follow explanation of the modalities of sport karate. 











In the kata discipline, para and mainstream karate athletes are judged on their performance of pre-arranged series of movements know as kata. Athletes are judged on their physical and technical abilities by highly trained officials. See the short video below for more. 


In the kumite discipline, two athletes engage in a limited-contact combat-sport based on kicking, punching and sweeping to score points on each other. Points are determined by officials positioned around the edge of the competitive area. Watch this video for a complete explanation of the kumite scoring system.

Karate competitions are for everyone from child to adult, beginner to elite. Kata and kumite divisions are based on gender, age and skill level and are a great way to challenge oneself to apply their karate practise in a safe and controlled manner.

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